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Loven Share it

Teenage love is not just a fancied notion. It is deep-rooted, emotional and real.

Set against the milieu of Goa during the pre and post- divestment of the Portuguese rule and modelled after the fortunes of a Shasti-Goan family, “Love ‘n Share it” plays a dual role of a romantic romp and a traumatic thriller.

A time-honoured barrier forces Jeff and Jo - the first two lovers - to travel separate ways, while the journey of the third one, her sister, Fermina, was even more unfortunate. Motherhood came to be thrust upon her, not by the will of the fountain she had thrown her coin in, nor even with the man she silently swooned over.

Wrestling with emotional turmoil, Jo learned that some battles were indeed worth fighting for – and fight for them, she did.She got relieved of a fruitless marriage and was free to go back to her lover. Along the way, she also discovered that to ‘love n’ share it’ was the only path toward the reversal of her sister’s misfortune. Did she succeed?

The side-characters provoke satirical page-turners and the annotations lend a factual touch to an imaginary narrative.